"Jesus" Tagged Sermons

"Jesus" Tagged Sermons

Romans 1:1-7 | The Good News of God is the Best News!

Romans 2:6-16 | Jesus is the Judge

1. God’s Judgment is based on what we have really been, sought, and done. 2. God’s Judgment has eternal consequences. 3. God’s Judgment is pronounced individually. 4. God’s Judgment is without partiality. 5. God’s Judgment is for everyone. 6. God’s Judgment reaches to the secrets of our hearts. 7. God’s Judgment is in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ.
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Exodus 14 | See the Salvation of the Lord

A lot of what we see in the world and in our own lives can cause us to fear. Be encouraged from Exodus 14 to lift your eyes off of what threatens us in this world and to look on God’s salvation. Main Point: Our Faith Glories in the Lord’s Purpose, Promise, and Power to Save.