Sermons on Compassion

Sermons on Compassion

There is No Joy Away From God's Presence - Jonah 1

Jonah 4 – Contempt or Compassion

1: Anger at God’s grace to others will result in missed opportunities to share God’s grace with others 2: Reflecting the heart of Jesus means having compassion for others who don’t know Christ.
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Come Dine with Jesus – John 21:1-17

1) As we labor with Jesus, He is able to make the harvest greater than we expect, for His glory! (John 21:1-6) 2) As we mature spiritually, we will throw ourselves at Jesus sooner after we sin. (John 21:7-8) 3) As we come to know the heart of Jesus, we will go to Him for forgiveness and restoration even when it hurts. (John 21:9-17)
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His Mercy Is More – John 8:1-11

1) You can trust that the Bible you hold in your hand is an accurate copy of God’s Word. ‎2) Jesus and ultimately His sacrifice for us is the reason we can experience “no condemnation” from God.
Worship in the Sanctuary 9:00 AND 11:00 AM

Jesus Shows Grace Even to People Not Looking For Him – John 5:1-16

1) Jesus asks, “Do you want to be healed?” (John 5:6-9) 2) Jesus has more compassion than we can understand. (John 5:10-13) 3) Jesus finds us and warns us about sin, out of love. (John 5:14-17) For very clear audio of the sermon only, click on the audio player above. For video of the entire Worship Service, click on the video below.