Sermons from November 2023

Sermons from November 2023

Romans 1:1-7 | The Good News of God is the Best News!

Romans 1:21 | How Giving Thanks to the LORD Changes Us

13 Reasons to give thanks to God from Romans 1 A. You are called to belong to Christ B. You are loved by God C. You are called to be saints D. You have grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ E. You have the witness of others and your own witness for Jesus F. You have the opportunity to mutually encourage each other’s faith G. You have a job in the harvest field H.…
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1 Timothy | Your Charge, O Man of God

Special Ordination Service of Andrew Crichton, NBC’s pastoral assistant to associate pastor. Listen to 6 charges Paul gives to Timothy at the beginning of his ministry. *Sermon begins at 37:18