Sermons by Luke Waite

Sermons by Luke Waite

The Glorious Lamb - Revelation 5 1

The Glorious Lamb – Revelation 5

The Church can joyfully participate in the work of missions because: Jesus reigns over human history Jesus conquered the power of death Jesus accomplished a global salvation Jesus is worthy of all worship
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Reminders From the Temple of the Glory of Jesus – John 2:12-25

Pastor Luke preached on John 2:12-25, “Reminders From the Temple of the Glory of Jesus.” Jesus is Passionate About Reverent Worship (2:12-17) Jesus is Not a Revolutionary; He is God (2:18-25) You may click on the audio player above to hear audio of the sermon only (we are working to update it as our file recorded very quiet). Or, click on the video below to watch the entire Worship Service (the sermon begins at the 30-minute mark).
Prayer & Bible Study

Repentance: How God Restores a Soul – Psalm 51

Click above to play the audio only of the sermon. Or, to download it, click “Save.” How does God work to restore sinners? God breaks the sinner’s heart over his sin God leads the sinner to confess his sin God stirs the sinner to plead for God’s grace