Sermons on Suffering

Sermons on Suffering

The Glorious Lamb - Revelation 5 1

The Glorious Lamb – Revelation 5

The Church can joyfully participate in the work of missions because: Jesus reigns over human history Jesus conquered the power of death Jesus accomplished a global salvation Jesus is worthy of all worship
Jesus is Irreplaceable - Hebrews 3:7-19

Being Trained as Children of the King – Hebrews 12:3-11

Audio of the sermon only is above. 1) Remember God’s Word: God Trains Us Through Hardship (Hebrews 12:4-8) 2) Remember God’s Care: God Trains Us For Our Good (Hebrews 12:9-10) 3) Remember God’s Purpose: God Trains Us For Instruction in Christian Living (Hebrews 12:11) A video of today’s Worship Service is below. Worship begins at the 14 minute mark (we had it running ahead of time to allow people to find the Live video) and the sermon begins at the…