Sermons on Forgiveness

Sermons on Forgiveness

Worship in the Sanctuary 9:00 AND 11:00 AM

His Mercy Is More – John 8:1-11

1) You can trust that the Bible you hold in your hand is an accurate copy of God’s Word. ‎2) Jesus and ultimately His sacrifice for us is the reason we can experience “no condemnation” from God.
Unshakable Hope In a Shakable World: The Promise of Peace

Unshakable Hope In a Shakable World: Why Forgiveness From God Matters

Our Facebook Live Sunday morning message is below. Forgiveness from God gives us unshakable hope because: 1) Forgiveness transfers us from the power of Satan into the Kingdom of God. (1:12-14) 2) Forgiveness is the way God will make all things new (1:19-20) 3) Forgiveness is complete because of the cross (2:13-14) Here are 3 worship songs with lyrics you can sing before or after watching the sermon. The songs will play one after another, but you may have to…
Jesus is Irreplaceable - Hebrews 3:7-19

Better Promises – Hebrews 8

To download the Growth Group questions, click “Save” and then “PDF.” To stream the sermon along with the teaching slides, click on the Player below:

From Despair to Hope – Psalm 130

Are you buried under the weight of your sin? (Crushed) Psalm 130:1-2 Do you believe that God can and wants to forgive sin? (Hopeful) Psalm 130:3-4 Do you long to know God? (Waiting) Psalm 130:5-6 You can have faith and sure hope because of God’s promises in Jesus! (Full of Faith) Psalm 130:7-8