"Holy Spirit" Tagged Sermons

"Holy Spirit" Tagged Sermons

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You Are Never Alone – John 14:12-31

1) You are never alone because you are working alongside of Jesus.(John 14:12-14) 2) You are never alone because the Helper lives IN you.(John 14:15-20) 3) You are never alone because Jesus will reveal Himself to you.(John 14:21-28) 4) You are never alone because Satan has no claim on Jesus—or you.(John 14:29-31)
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What Does Jesus’ Resurrection Have to Do With My Resurrection? – Easter Sunday Sermon – Romans 8:9-11

1) The promises of the gospel belong to those who believe the gospel (Romans 8:9) For believers in the resurrected Jesus: 2) Death is the start of life (Romans 8:10) 3) The Holy Spirit guarantees your resurrection (Romans 8:11) You may have heard it said that the Holy Spirit is like the engagement ring that seals us when we are saved. But not only is the Holy Spirit like the engagement ring, He is also like the wedding ring that…