Sermons by Tim Counts (Page 4)

Sermons by Tim Counts (Page 4)

Why God Calls Us to Work Together – Nehemiah 3

Due to technical problems this sermon was not recorded. We are working to resolve these issues. Why God Calls Us to Work Together (Series: Nehemiah – Building a Life of Faith) Nehemiah 3 You have heard me talk about my Grandpa, the one who was a pastor for over 40 years, but this morning I want to tell you about my Grandma Baker, his wife. You might think that someone who served as a Pastor’s wife for over 40 years…

Planning, Praying & Obeying

This sermon was unrecorded due to technical difficulty. The text is available below: Planning, Praying & Obeying (Series: Nehemiah – Building a Life of Faith) Nehemiah Chapter 2 * Northshire Baptist Church 08.26.18 This will be our 3rd Sunday in the book of Nehemiah but 2 weeks ago I preached a message from Psalm 23 after Pat Hardman’s Memorial Service, and last Sunday we heard from former NBC Pastor Mark Waite. So I want to remind you, our first Sunday…

For Those Who Fear (All of Us) – Psalm 23

We live in a society full of fear today. Yet the Lord offers us freedom from fear because He is our Shepherd. Do you know Him? Can you say, “The LORD is MY Shepherd,” not just, “The LORD is A Shepherd?” I will not fear because the Lord is my Shepherd (vv. 1-3) I will not fear because the Lord is my Savior (vv. 4-5a) I will not fear because the Lord is my Sovereign (vv. 5b-6)

Building a Life of Prayer

Building a Life of Prayer – Nehemiah 1:4 – 2:5 in series: Building a Life of Faith Nehemiah teaches us a lot about building a life of prayer. And Nehemiah was not a pastor or even an Old Testament priest! He was an “average” person who loved God and who prayed and acted. We were having some microphone issues during the recording of this sermon…so you may need to turn up your speakers all the way! We are working on…

God Always Keeps His Promises – Nehemiah 1 (Introduction)

This sermon from Nehemiah 1 is the beginning of a new series, “Nehemiah: Building a Life of Faith.” We often think of God like we think of people–that He does not keep His promises because He doesn’t care, or because He forgot, or even that He was unable to. Nehemiah reminds us that God always keeps His promises. When the people of God work together and pray together for His glory, God’s Kingdom is built!

People Don’t Rise From the Dead–But Jesus Did! So People Do!

We can trust that the Bible has been reliably passed down to us. Learn more about how the Bible has been preserved for us over the centuries, while we also focus on Jesus’ resurrection. The women were freaked out in Mark 16:8 when the angel told them Jesus had risen from the dead because people don’t rise from the dead. But Jesus did. And because Jesus did, people who believe in Him do! Sermon 59 on the Gospel of Mark,…

The Son of God is Buried – Mark 15:40-47

Why is it important that Jesus was really dead? Who are the 3 eyewitness groups in the Gospel of Mark who saw that he was really dead? Listen to the Sunday, June 17 sermon here! The following Sunday (June 24) sermon on the Resurrection of Jesus, “The Son of God Rises from the Dead,” is not available due to a technical recording error. Due to this, the sermon manuscript is available below (for June 24, “The Resurrection of Jesus”): The…

Is Jesus Your King? – Mark 15:1-15

Pilate asked the question that every human being must answer, “What shall I do with Him whom you call King of the Jews?” What are you going to do with Jesus? That is why I ask, “Is Jesus your King?”

The Judge is Judged – Mark 14:53-65

Mark 14:53-65 Jesus is saying to the high priest, “Today I stand before you—but there is coming a day when you will stand before Me in judgment! When you woke up this morning, did you remember that Jesus stands at the right hand of the Father for you if you know Him as your Savior? Mom who feels like a failure for whatever reason, did you remember this morning that Jesus stands right now by the Father’s side to intercede…