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The Gospel From the Air (#5 of 5 in the “Good News” Sermon Series

Over the last four Sundays we have looked at a framework for understanding and explaining the gospel that is mostly from Romans 1-4 but also all over the Bible, and it was what you could call “The Gospel on the Ground.” In other words, it is the gospel up close and personal, viewing the gospel from the angle of how it applies to us directly. But the Bible also gives the big picture of the gospel, which is what Matt Chandler…

Response (#4 of 5 in the “Good News” Sermon Series)

We see 2 main calls to respond to the gospel in Scripture: repent and believe (Mark 1:14-15, Acts 2:37-38, Acts 20:21). We need to understand what both of these responses to the good news means. Listen above to think about what the Bible has to say about this. Two main truths begin to emerge: 1) The Bible tells us to turn from our rebellion against God [repentance]. 2) The Bible tells us to turn to God in faith in Jesus…

Christ (#3 of 5 in the “Good News” Sermon Series)

We see 3 main truths about the good news, the gospel, in Romans 3:21-26. Salvation is a gift, not something we earn. (3:21-24) Salvation comes only through Christ. (3:24-25) Through His Paying the Price for Us (Redemption) Through His Wrath-Absorbing (Propitiation) Salvation in Christ shows God’s justice and love (3:25b-26)

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