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People Don’t Rise From the Dead–But Jesus Did! So People Do!

We can trust that the Bible has been reliably passed down to us. Learn more about how the Bible has been preserved for us over the centuries, while we also focus on Jesus’ resurrection. The women were freaked out in Mark 16:8 when the angel told them Jesus had risen from the dead because people don’t rise from the dead. But Jesus did. And because Jesus did, people who believe in Him do! Sermon 59 on the Gospel of Mark,…

The Son of God is Buried – Mark 15:40-47

Why is it important that Jesus was really dead? Who are the 3 eyewitness groups in the Gospel of Mark who saw that he was really dead? Listen to the Sunday, June 17 sermon here! The following Sunday (June 24) sermon on the Resurrection of Jesus, “The Son of God Rises from the Dead,” is not available due to a technical recording error. Due to this, the sermon manuscript is available below (for June 24, “The Resurrection of Jesus”): The…

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