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5769 Main Street Manchester Center, VT 05255

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Worship in the Sanctuary 9:00 AND 11:00 AM

For God So Loved the World! – John 3:16-21

God loves you and gave Jesus so that you can have eternal life. (3:16-17) If you reject the only Savior you will be condemned before God. (3:18) If you believe in Jesus, it is the result of God’s new birth in you! (3:19-21) Click on the audio player above for clear audio of the sermon only. Click below for video of the entire Worship Service.
Come Worship on Our Front Lawn This Sunday! Drive-In Parking Will Also Be Available 1

Reminders From the Temple of the Glory of Jesus – John 2:12-25

Pastor Luke preached on John 2:12-25, “Reminders From the Temple of the Glory of Jesus.” Jesus is Passionate About Reverent Worship (2:12-17) Jesus is Not a Revolutionary; He is God (2:18-25) You may click on the audio player above to hear audio of the sermon only (we are working to update it as our file recorded very quiet). Or, click on the video below to watch the entire Worship Service (the sermon begins at the 30-minute mark).

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