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The Judge is Judged – Mark 14:53-65

Mark 14:53-65 Jesus is saying to the high priest, “Today I stand before you—but there is coming a day when you will stand before Me in judgment! When you woke up this morning, did you remember that Jesus stands at the right hand of the Father for you if you know Him as your Savior? Mom who feels like a failure for whatever reason, did you remember this morning that Jesus stands right now by the Father’s side to intercede…

A Tale of Two Gardens ~ Mark 14:32-42

The recording begins about 7 minutes into the sermon. Mark 14:32-42 The first Adam was in a perfect garden in a perfect world and he failed. The second Adam, Jesus, was in a garden in anguish, in an imperfect world, and he watched and prayed. He chose the Father’s will. He triumphed so that you and I can sit here today as forgiven men and women who are going to Heaven.  

Pastor Tim's Blog

Why Christians Get Excited About Easter

This article appeared in The Manchester Journal, the The Burlington Free Press, and The Bennington Banner. Just over three months ago, my family and I were wondering if we would get our first white Christmas after three years in Vermont. As I write this today, we have 18 inches of snow on the ground and my kids are amazed … Continue reading "Why Christians...

White As Snow, Though My Sins Were as Scarlet!

This post was originally published at The Cripplegate and later at For The Church. Have you ever looked at a blanket of freshly fallen snow and thought, “That looks good enough to eat?” Ask any kid, and they will tell you that it is. Ask any Vermonter, and they will give you a recipe. The ingredients … Continue reading "White As...

4 Reasons Every Church Needs Senior Saints

There’s something particularly special about the redeemed people of God coming together for worship and seeing a spectrum of ages.
There’s something about coming together to worship with people who are different than us—even generationally—that points to the beauty of the gospel and the glory of God.
There’s something about knowing fellow saints who can speak of God never abandoning...

For Those Who Need Hope (All Of Us)

A shortened version of this post appeared in The Manchester Journal. I love everything about Christmas. The decorations. The lights. The snow. The music. And yes, Christmas movies. My wife and I began a yearly tradition of watching White Christmas when we were first married fourteen years ago, and two years ago we watched it in … Continue reading "For Those...

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