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Jesus is Better: Overview of the Book of Hebrews

Dr. Jared August, Professor of New Testament at Northeastern Baptist College and a Member at Northshire Baptist Church, preached an overview of the book of Hebrews. The goal was to help us see the main themes in Hebrews and to understand God’s message in Hebrews better as we begin our verse-by-verse study through it. 1. The identity found in Jesus is better than that offered by men or angels (ch. 1–2). 2. The worldview taught by Jesus is better than…

From Despair to Hope – Psalm 130

Are you buried under the weight of your sin? (Crushed) Psalm 130:1-2 Do you believe that God can and wants to forgive sin? (Hopeful) Psalm 130:3-4 Do you long to know God? (Waiting) Psalm 130:5-6 You can have faith and sure hope because of God’s promises in Jesus! (Full of Faith) Psalm 130:7-8

When Life is Overwhelming – Psalm 3

Overwhelming Trouble (Psalm 3:1-2) Overwhelming Confidence (Psalm 3:3-4) Overwhelming Calm (Psalm 3:5-8) As David ran for his life, he couldn’t outrun God’s grace.  It is in this very mess, it is in this very dysfunction, that David realizes that God is his only help and shield and salvation. 

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